Stuck in the middle: How to unlock your middle managers’ performance

The “stuck middle”. The “forgotten middle”. The “disappearing middle”. This is not a new phenomenon in organisations; it’s a discussion, a problem, we’ve been talking about for some time.

But for some reason, especially in established corporates, the challenges of middle management have not been properly resolved. Our view at Springboard Future, formed through our work with tech start-ups and growth firms, is that this is something that can and should be headed off at the pass, so to speak, before it becomes embedded in an organisation’s culture and put in the “too hard” box.

We spoke to over 70 middle managers to understand the challenges that they faced. They told us how it felt to be a middle manager, what they needed to help them navigate the “sticky middle” of the organisation, and what would enable them to grow into the leaders of the future.

Because ultimately, that’s what middle managers are: leaders. They are vital for turning your organisation’s broader goals into everyday, achievable tasks. They ensure the gears are turning smoothly. And when they step up the ladder, they bring with them invaluable experience and institutional knowledge. Overlooking middle management is a surefire way to limit your company’s performance and growth potential.

Walk with us as we take you through the world of middle managers, the challenges they face, their aspirations and hopes, and how to address their needs to unlock your organisation’s performance.

– Springboard Future


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