In Conversation with Asher Ismail

As part of our LinkedIn Live series with Tech Nation alumni, we spoke with Asher Ismail of Uncapped about funding models, remote-only workplaces, and his own journey as an entrepreneur and leader.

Along with his co-founder Piotr Pisarz, Asher Ismail set out to create a business which offered an alternative funding source to venture capital and banks for growing businesses – one which didn’t require founders to sacrifice equity. The company they created is Uncapped, and within three years of its establishment they’d already funded over 500 different businesses.

We loved speaking with Asher about when VC is and isn’t the best path, how Uncapped helps remove the bias from funding decisions, and how his own experience as a founder led him to identify this unmet need.

You can watch the whole chat on YouTube below, or on LinkedIn.