Interviews, insights and expert opinions in video form.

When it comes to conversations, face-to-face is almost always best. That’s why we prefer to hold our interviews in person or via video call – it’s easier to connect when you can see someone’s responses. The videos posted here will all give you personal insights from expert coaches and innovative founders, sharing lessons you can apply to your own high-growth, high-ambition company.

Over 2021 and 2022, we recorded a series on interviews on LinkedIn Live with fintech founders who have worked with Tech Nation.

Along with our podcast, these videos equip you with the tools you’ll need as a leader operating in today’s fast-paced, complex business environment.

LinkedIn Live with Asher Ismail, Uncapped

Are banks and VCs the only financing options for growing businesses? We spoke with Asher Ismail, co-founder of Uncapped, about the company’s alernative approach to funding, why you don’t have to sacrifice equity, and what role unconscious bias has in traditional funding models.

LinkedIn Live with Sam Fromson, YuLife

Series B insurtech company YuLife is disrupting the life insurance market, using a tech-driven approach to inspire life and improve wellbeing. Co-founder and COO Sam Fromson spoke with us about why knowing your core values is key to sustainable growth, and how psychological tools help build strong teams.

LinkedIn Live with Sean Nolan, Blink

Series A fintech Blink has a clear goal: make remote working less remote. Founder and CEO Sean Nolan chatted with us about how he feels technology can support and empower frontline workers. But he’s also clear that it’s not tech which founders should invest in first: it’s people.

LinkedIn Live with Erkin Oksel, EyesClear

What does it take to create what PwC describes as “one of the brightest fintech businesses in the world”? We spoke with Erkin Oksel, founder and CEO of EyesClear, about how a focus on mission and team alignment form the foundations of the company’s continued success.

LinkedIn Live with Thuria Wenbar, e-Pharmacy & Mike Heverin, SupplyWell

As the founders of start-ups which Tech Nation dubbed “Rising Stars”, Mike Heverin and Thuria Wenbar have plenty of insight to offer about starting innovative tech companies. In this conversation, they discuss where personal and professional intersect, adjusting your business model, and focusing on purpose.

LinkedIn Live with Liam Ward, Tech Nation

To kick off our series of LinkedIn Lives with Tech Nation, we speak with Liam Ward about how they support growing companies. What is it that founders actually need to grow their businesses sustainably? And, from funding models to mental health support, how does Tech Nation support them?