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We passionately believe that coaching is the key to unlocking your organisation’s potential, and that for too long its use has been limited to the very top executive levels. As part of our mission to make coaching accessible to all, we decided to bring you some of our practical tips and hard-won insights from our combined decades in industry – for free!

Join us every two weeks for insightful discussions of business and leadership topics, from finding your purpose to leading in challenging times. You can listen here, or wherever you usually go for podcasts.

Season 2

Episode 1: Stepping Up & Imposter Syndrome

Neela and Emma kick off season two with a discussion of Imposter Syndrome, with mental health and workplace wellbeing Ruth Cooper-Dickson of CHAMPS Consult. They debunk a few myths – it’s not a syndrome, or a ‘women’s issue’ – and share tips on how to build your confidence as you step up.

Episode 2: Raising Empowerment in Teams

Empowerment is a business buzzword right now. But do you know what an empowered team actually looks like – and why exactly it’s so important? In this episode, Emma and Neela explore what empowerment really means in a business context, and how empowered leaders make such a difference.

Episode 3: The Power of Difference

In this episode, Emma discusses the power of difference with business growth trainer and coach Marie Gardner of Red Thread Strategies. Why is it so important to hear from a diverse range of voices? And how can leaders make sure their team members feel safe to speak up?

Episode 4: Transitioning into Leadership

Stepping up to the board level is a big change, but it’s also a golden opportunity. Emma and Neela chat with consultant to asset management, eSports and tech sectors Wayne Bowers about managing up, handling culture clashes, and how to manage your transition into a leadership role.

Episode 5: Growth Mindset

Organisations have to be adaptable to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment. But individuals do too – and leaders need to encourage this trait in their teams. In this episode, we’re joined by Peter Fay to discuss the importance of growth mindsets, and how you can develop yours.

Episode 6: Building High-Performing Teams

In the final episode of season two, Emma and Neela bring together what they’ve discussed in the last five episodes to answer the question: how do you build a high-performing team? From tackling your own self-limiting beliefs to developing psychological safety, their expert insights are relevant to anyone in leadership.

Season 1

Introducing the Virtual Coach Advantage podcast

In our inaugural episode, we introduce the Virtual Coach Advantage and your hosts, co-founders Emma Calvert and Neela Bettridge. They discuss why they wanted to start a podcast, what you can expect from it, and how they came to run a cutting-edge virtual coaching business in the first place!

Episode 1: Finding Your Management

Welcome to the first episode of the Virtual Coach Advantage podcast! This week, co-founders of the Springboard Future virtual coaching company Neela Bettridge and Emma Calvert discuss the importance of finding your Management Why. What is it, and how can it help you be a better manager and leader?

Episode 2: Facing the Black Swan, Part One

This week on the Virtual Coach Advantage podcast, Emma and Neela discuss how we can look after ourselves during Black Swan events. Despite the common impulse to work harder than ever in times of crisis, you can only look after your team if you look after yourself first.

Episode 3: Facing the Black Swan, Part Two

In the latest episode of the Virtual Coach Advantage podcast, Emma and Neela continue their discussion of Black Swan events. Moving beyond the individual, they consider how leaders can make sure their team or organisation survives these disruptive events – or even thrives in them.


Episode 4: Why EQ Matters More Than IQ for Leaders

In episode 4 of the podcast, Neela and Emma discuss the roles IQ and EQ play for leaders. While intelligence does matter, they argue that for leaders it’s even more important to be able to act in an emotionally intelligent way. So what can you do to boost your EQ?

Episode 5: Challenging Times Call For Challenging Leadership

This week on the Virtual Coach Advantage podcast, Emma and Neela discuss how leaders and managers at all levels can face up to challenging times by offering challenging leadership. By fostering community and listening to diverse voices, bold leaders chart a course through.


Episode 6: How to Have Difficult Conversations

In this week’s Virtual Coach Advantage podcast, Emma and Neela discuss one of the most common issues their coachees face: how to have difficult conversations. Though you might dread them, with the right preparation, they can be opportunities for real growth, learning and connection.

Episode 7: Finding Your Purpose, Part One

In the first half of this two-part episode on purpose, Emma and Neela explore what it means to find your purpose as an individual and a leader. Does it mean you have to change the world? Does your purpose remain static throughout your life? And how it linked to your happiness and resilience?


Episode 8: Finding Your Purpose, Part Two

In the final episode of the season, Emma and Neela examine the importance of identifying purpose in teams. Is it useful to have a vision statement on the wall? How can leaders make sure teams are aligned with their purpose? And why is purpose more important to employees than ever?