A Simple Intuitive Platform

Just click on the dashboard to interact with your Springboard Future coach, view upcoming sessions and manage your appointments.

Take a guided tour of our virtual coaching platform

Benefits for coachees:

  • Intuitive and simple: You get to select a professional quality coach that meets your specific needs, schedule sessions and track goals
  • Video coaching at your fingertips:at a time and place to suit you, whatever kind of worker you may be or wherever in the world you might be, and on a device of your choosing
  • Seamless integration: with Zoom or Teams and collaborative tools such as Miro or Mural
  • Access to additional resources: You can tap into and take advantage of a full complement of additional resources. This includes access to online workshops, bespoke podcast playlists and a worksheet bank

Benefits for administrators:

  • Customised: Based on your brief, we’ll work directly with you to select the right coaches and plan of action that reflect your culture, values and priorities
  • No admin hassle:  You don’t need to worry about scheduling multiple sessions and individual coach communication, we take care of this for you
  • Integrated reporting: You get to see the coachees’ progress and access engagement and results data
Why virtual coaching is so effective

Key features:


The calendar feature provides an easy way for you to keep track of your sessions. Displayed on a clear card in the homeroom, the calendar will ensure you are able to easily manage your scheduled sessions, lowering the risk of missing a session.

Internal messaging system

Coaches are always on hand to help you through the platform’s internal messaging system, be it a follow-up question from a session, a request for information or access to advice, your coach is available at the click of a button. The option to show messages on a card in the platform’s homeroom keeps communication flowing and progress moving.

Easy access to sessions

The ‘booking button’ makes it easy to book and schedule coaching sessions. Requested sessions are then added to the upcoming session’s card and a join button is added to make it easy to manage and access the session.


The virtual coaching room is furnished with tools such as a whiteboard and file sharing space which help to make the sessions interactive and effective. The screenshare tool allows you to get real-time feedback and support with a wide range of tasks. At the end of the session, there is a chance for you to give feedback to the coach in order to ensure that the sessions being delivered are effective and meeting your specific needs.


Keeping documents from coaching sessions as well as goal-related files organised is really easy with the portfolio feature. Files are available to reference, download or print.