Five reasons why virtual coaching is so effective

Like many of you, we’ve had to change how we work to adapt to life during a pandemic. Where we used to meet people in their offices or a public space for coaching sessions, now most of that work has moved online.

Some of our clients told us that they were worried about this transition to virtual. Would the quality of coaching be the same? Would it feel impersonal and distant? Would it still work?

Pre-Covid, we felt that virtual coaching was an excellent option, in some cases preferable to in-person sessions. In fact, we had already started working on our awesome coaching platform. As we’ve used it more and more in recent months, that feeling has only increased. Let us explain why we think coaching is just as effective online as it is in person.

1. Virtual coaching fits easily into your life

One of the biggest barriers to coaching is finding the time and energy for it. Of course, we think it’s well worth that investment, but with virtual coaching that barrier to entry is lower anyway. There’s no need to spend time and effort travelling to a session, as you can just do it at home. And if you don’t want to do it at home, there are plenty of other options – anywhere fairly quiet with wifi will do.

2. It keeps things personal and private

While plenty of people prefer coaching to take place in a professional setting, for others the personal, familiar feeling of home makes things much easier. Compared to meeting in a public space like a park or café, or at your office, virtual coaching from home can also feel much more private. Pop in a pair of headphones and shut the door, and you can be pretty sure our conversation won’t be overheard.

3. Online coaching can still be face to face

Technology has developed way past phone calls by now! You can lose the nuances of facial expressions and body language on the phone, but with today’s video calling options you don’t have to sacrifice this in a virtual coaching session. And as we’ve all become much more familiar with these technologies in the era of COVID-19, we’ve learned to communicate just as naturally and openly over video technologies – and our platform has video calling built in for ease.

4. Sharing work and information is simple

As well as face-to-face conversations, video calling apps and programmes have a whole host of other useful features. We can screen share, collaborate on documents in real time, and much more, all of which can support our wider conversation. More than once, we’ve had in-person coaching sessions where we’ve got out a laptop to review something together – a much smoother process in virtual coaching.

5. It’s easy to go over the session again

Finally, virtual coaching has the great advantage of being easy to record. This makes it simple to refer back to conversations later, helping our clients to remind themselves of the key points we covered, and of course to see how far they’ve come over the course of our sessions.

These are just a few of the reasons why we decided to create our own virtual coaching platform, one which we can tailor to your needs. We’re sure that, as we grow and improve it over time, it’ll help us continue to deliver top-quality coaching in a flexible, comfortable and effective way.